Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to remove of black spots and pimples?

remove of black spots and pimples?
Have a big problem I have pimples between the eyebrows and black spots on the nose and because I complexes, so you would know if her had miracle solutions to everything from her.

  • You can make masks, its great practice for me it’s working very well. You took one soft enough, you rub your face well, and you're rinsed in warm water. I'm sure 90% of you provided a positive result!
  • I personally take two cotton swabs and I brought out the big downside, if water and soap, a black dot is the turd that is encrusted in your ports and make white dot in the final.. ..
  • I also have these little problems and for that I find some tips to calm them.
    For blackheads; I advise you masks vapors (if you have) otherwise boil hot water and put your face a few dozen seconds over without staying too long. And then he has no other means must necessarily be drilled without stress but it will help with the steam.
    For black spots, I find a really cool water (rose water, precious water) but if it persists I will recommend seeing a dermatologist.
Here I hope you have help.

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