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Acne Clothing

acne clothing
Treatment of acne / acne clothing begins with the eviction of triggering and aggravating factors of acne.
Among these are:
     - Friction and prolonged contact with the hair (lock of hair on the forehead or cheeks ...), helmet, cap ...
     - Exposure to sunlight, which is a false friend because sometimes improve acne, but this improvement is always transitory
     - The manipulation of buttons

In women, the acne treatment usually involves hormonal balance (including cases of irregular rules of facial hair ...) and hormone therapy:
- Contraception is mandatory in many acne treatments
- Some contraceptives may improve acne, such as those based cyproterone acetate
- Conversely, some contraceptives can aggravate acne, especially those containing levonorgestrel

The doctor chooses local treatments or systemically suitable for your type of acne, according to the regulations. You should know that obtaining the results often requires several weeks of treatment and one can observe an exacerbation of lesions in those early weeks. This should not discourage you. The acne treatment is sometimes associated with the production of skin unnettoyage.

Here are some practical tips for treatments used in acne:
- Local treatments: creams and lotions against acne
There are many creams and lotions treatments against acne. Among these are:
   Benzyl peroxide: beware it can bleach clothing and linens, apply it in the evening instead, with white tissue. Examples of gels, creams and lotions containing Benzyl peroxide: Brevoxyl Cutacnyl ®Clara ® ® ® Effacne Pannogel Panoxyl ® ® ...
- Vitamin A acid: Tretinoine, adapalene ...: This is topical retinoid.
Treatment with retinoid is often irritating to the skin, so it is advisable to apply at night on clean, dry skin. Put very little during application (this does not diminish their effectiveness) and space applications in the event of irritation. They require contraception in women. Examples of creams, gels and lotions with vitamin A have acid and its derivatives: Differing ® Feeder Kestrel ® ® ® Loc acid ®Retacnyl Retina A ® Roaccutane ® gel ...

Topical antibiotics: some topical antibiotics used in acne treatment can be irritating especially because of the presence of alcohol. Examples of gels and lotions containing antibiotics may be prescribed for acne :

General treatment: tablets against acne
Many acne treatments can be prescribed oral against acne. Mention may be made among these :
Antibiotics: it is often best to take them during the evening meal with a full glass of water. They suggest-against the sun and require contraception in women. Example of antibiotics useful in the treatment of acne: Doxy Granudoxy ® ® ® Telexing Tetralysal ® ...
Vitamin A Acid (Contracted ®, Cur acne ®, Precut ®, Roaccutane ®) requires
Taking a compulsory contraception continued for 2 months after you stop taking it,
         - To avoid the sun,
         - Avoid systemic antibiotics for typecyclines
         - And avoid giving blood.

Recommendations for the Management of Acne

The majority of national and international recommendations for management of acne often have in common:
     - Minor or debutante Acne: cosmetic treatments
     - Acne predominantly retention: Vitamin A acid: Tretinoine, adapalene ... / skin cleansing >>> reassessment 3 months.

Joint acne (rétentionnelles and inflammatory lesions): Vitamin A acid: Tretinoine, adapalene ... + + Benzyl Peroxide topical antibiotics >>> reassessment three months if ineffective, replacing local antibiotic therapy with oral antibiotic.

Severe or resistant acne more than 3 months to antibiotics orally well conducted: discuss isotretinoin or Vitamin A Acid (Contracted ®, Cur acne®, Precut ®, Roaccutane ®)

Acne Laser
Other treatments are being studied, including lamps (red LED, IPL, green or blue light) on acne predominantly inflammatory, lasers, including infrared laser for remodeling rather rétentionnelles lesions

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