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Eating chocolate cause acne?

Eating chocolate cause acne?
No studies have shown that eating chocolate or fatty foods is in no way related to acne breakouts. Odd, is not it, that all the food in question with the skin causes an uneven happens to be really tasty? Chocolate, candy, nuts, baking soda, fried foods, chips ... I could go on.

It seems over the years almost all food has been blamed for about acne in one form or another - even water would you believe! The reality is that there is no scientific evidence to show high carbohydrate and high fat intake has an effect on the production of excessively oily skin and after an outbreak of acne. The problem is, there are so many factors that can cause acne to worsen it are hard work to isolate a single.

For many years, milk products have been associated with acne. It has been reported acne sufferers eliminating milk from their diet and see an improvement in their condition. The results of studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School appears on the face of it (please excuse the pun), to confirm this.

They asked 6500 young pimply, both boys and girls, to monitor their milk over a specified period of time. The results were interesting. They have shown a clear association between the level of milk consumption and severity of acne. Equally interesting is that the results observed were independent of the fat content of the milk, whether "all", "reduced fat" or "fat."

Drink milk to instant breakfast, cottage cheese and cream cheese showed significant associations with acne, while other dairy products have little effect if any. In the study, the girls were made more than boys. It has been suggested that hormones produced naturally in cow's milk (especially cow pregnant) caused the increase among girls effect.

Also, if you are a teenager and thought to try this, just remember that milk is an important source of calcium for people your age. You will need to make sure you get enough calcium while trying a diet without dairy products.

They say that stress is related to the types of food you eat. Stress itself will also burn your acne. So if you are someone who tends to eat more junky foods when you are stressed you ... only exacerbates the problem. Try to monitor the food you eat. If you think a particular type of food makes your acne, reduce your intake stressed ... or not!

Be reasonable though. You clearly do not benefit from malnutrition. Although I've never heard of anyone becoming malnourished abandon high-fat, high-carb junk food, or any of the other people complaining about food as the cause of acne breakouts.

Finally, I am told that it is a substance that when consumed in large enough volume will have a detrimental effect on acne. And it is iodine. So do not go overboard on the food high in iodine, such as seaweed.

In conclusion, the secret of food and what you eat is moderation. The abuse of anything will have a real negative effect on your body ... your acne just happens to come along for the ride!

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