Friday, September 19, 2014

What to do when baby has acne?

Baby acne
Small unsightly pimples on baby face? This baby has acne! Rest assured, this is not a sign of precocious puberty. While in the majority of cases, infant acne is benign, learn to decipher to find all the soft skin of your baby! Update on baby acne.

How to deal with baby acne? And yes, acne does not age and can even attack the face (yet sweet) your baby ... Why baby acne? So what is the cause of these rashes and other blackheads housed on the cheeks of baby? How to remove acne? At what time to worry? Our point to learn all about baby acne.

Baby acne : what is the cause of baby acne?
20% of babies have some pimples on the face, especially the cheeks and forehead or chin. These small skin conditions are usually not painful (although they can sometimes irritate) and look more like small blackheads.

In case of baby acne? The high level of hormones secreted by the mother during pregnancy, which stimulates the sebaceous glands of the baby. Buttons infant usually appear between the first two weeks of life and can not be explained by the presence of sex hormones, because the child is too young. On the other hand, it is the use of creams too greasy on the face of the toddler that promote excessive oil (due to clogged ports) and therefore the buttons.

Baby acne : what treatment baby acne ?
To treat small skin of her groomed, nothing like the sweetness! A mild soap or a surgras bread (sold in pharmacies), with a little water can be applied gently on the baby's face at a rate of once a day. The goal is to not rub or wash your face too for not attacking more skin. Be careful also not to use oils or moisturizers too rich (except in winter, of course) to fill the pores of his little face and aggravate the skin condition ... Also, avoid touching the small buttons or want to extract because it would result in scarring.

Baby acne : When to worry facing baby acne ?
Generally, the infant acne pimples quickly fade ... Beyond six months, you have to go to a pediatrician or a dermatologist to see if there is not a higher infection such as fungi. In this case, the treatment will be different and the child will be treated with antifungal particular. On the other hand, there is no cause for alarm: it's not because baby has baby acne it will later, as a teenager. Finally, one should not dramatize the situation, the baby acne pimples quickly fade and give way to the traditional peach!

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