Sunday, September 21, 2014

Benefits Use of Peeling Skin

Peeling is an exfoliating treatment or appointment process so that the outer shell of the most recent layer of skin more healthy and will grow
Many women crave to have a clean and healthy facial free spots, dull and acne scars. However, the effects of age and sun hit our skin often directly can cause dull skin, blemishes, and there are dead skin that can’t be removed simply by cleaning your face with soap / cleanser.

After busying themselves with everyday work, there is no harm to your body pampering treatments, for example by peeling. Unwittingly outside the home environment, such as the sun, smoke, vehicles, and road dust that stick to the skin can cause problems. Not only acne that appears therefore, but also makes the skin becomes rough and dull. Peeling is the process of removal or treatment with exfoliation of the outer skin or epidermis (stratum corneum / the horny outer layer of the skin), so that the new layer of skin will be healthier and grow (rejuvenation).

Peeling process has two methods of workmanship, that each method has different levels depending exfoliation.

First, chemical peels, exfoliation is a method using liquid as the base material to accelerate the exfoliation process.

Treatment with chemical peeling process has the appropriate level of skin problem that affects, and each level using different chemicals, such as super facial peels using AHA or alphahydroxyacids capable of eliminating the problem of dull skin, rough and dry.

Medium peels as the second level are able to eliminate skin problems such as acne scars and wrinkles using Trichloracetic acids (TCA). And for severe skin problems like black spots and wrinkles advisable to choose deep peeling treatment with base material carbolic acid (phenol).

Second, the mechanical peeling exfoliation using a tool. Usually found in microdermabrasion method, a tool made of crystalline aluminum oxidation. The process can be called a mechanical peeling process is fairly quick because when the work is instantly visible skin redness and rapidly stimulates new skin.

After experiencing flaking facial peeling process very seriously. The skin should be treated intensively during the formation of new skin cells, much like using sun block and sunscreen with spy 30% levels before traveling or doing activities outdoors with reps use 3-4 hours per day, using a good makeup foundation or powder and engage in activities that cause excessive sweating.

The benefits of the use of peeling:
  • Whiten skin
  • Lifting the dead skin
  • Eliminate pigmentation
  • Diluting hyper pigmentation or dark spots
  • Rejuvenate skin from within
  • Reduces wrinkles and tighten facial skin
  • Stimulate collagen formation
  • Provides freshness and fine wrinkles attenuate
As for the usage process of peeling:
  1. The face is cleaned with sanitizer. Once clean, peeling cream applied to the face attached. Usually the skin will feel tight, a little sore and a little bit itchy for a person whose skin tends to be sensitive during the peeling cream is still attached to the face.
  2. Creams left approximately 1 hour to 2 hours. After that, the cream cleared from the face. Avoid applying excessive peeling cream because it can make the skin becomes red and irritated. After use the skin will feel tightened, and then a few days later the skin will dry out.
  3. The skin should be protected with sunscreen and avoiding skin from direct sunlight for some time. It aims to prevent skin is still thin so as not to burn by sunlight.

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